First Year Lessons Learned: Part One

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

I love what God has called me to do. I love that I get to study God’s Word, care for God’s people, and spread God’s fame. In all of those things, I feel extremely blessed that I get to be a part of Berean Baptist Church. I still marvel at the thought of God bringing me and my family across the country to serve in a place I never imagined I would ever live. Celebrating my first year here has caused me to reflect on what I have learned about our church, our city, and me. I thought it would be helpful breReflecting Poolak what I’ve learned into two parts. In part one, I would like to share with you what I have learned about our church and city.

  1. We have some hungry people—no, I’m not talking about our need to have more pot-lucks, but we have some people who really want to grow and really want to live a life that God would be pleased with. Many of the things we are attempting to do are simply an attempt to get back to the basics, and the best way to do that is to keep things simple.
  2. We have some generous people—I am very grateful to witness the generosity of people in our church. As we have made known to you the various needs of our church body or our church building, I have seen people sit down and write checks or ask how they can give. There is still a need to finish various projects in the building, and there are still people in need. Continue to give generously as God blesses you.
  3. We need to engage our city—we cannot sit back and wait for people and opportunities to come to us. We have to go out and find them. There are hurting people all over our city. They need to see the love of Christ in us. We have to be creative and find ways to love our neighbors so that we can share the gospel with them. It is their only hope!
  4. We need to build relationships—the only way we are going to be able to recognize hurting people in our church is to be actively involved in each other’s life. Building relationships takes time and effort. It means you have to take the initiative. It means that you need to invite people over to your house, write encouraging notes, introduce yourself to visitors, offer to sit with visitors, and sit in a different seat each week. (I know, I just asked for the moon!) Let’s get beyond the weather and football and swim in the deep waters of life.
  5. We need to change—people say change is good, but I have found that many times people feel change is good as long as it does not affect them directly. Change is God’s idea. He is changing us from one degree of glory to another. When change happens to us and around us, it is an opportunity for God to give us more grace to respond to Him, the one who never changes.



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